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Cyber Security

Organizations must recognize and react to three uncomfortable truths. First, Cyber risk evolves according to Moore’s law, the demand is only going to rise. That’s one of the reasons why organizations struggle to keep pace with dynamic cyber threats. Second, defense is the only offense, however the offensive players only need to win once to wreak incalculable havoc on an organization. Third, attackers have patience and latency on their side, whereas organizations are focused on bottom line figures.

NIST Framework provides a voluntary procedure to map cybersecurity best practices, determine the overall state of an organization’s cyber risk management practices. The is a snapshot of proactive Cybersecurity practices:

  • Auditing

  • Data Mining

  • Detection systems

  • Analytics

  • Testing

  • Virus trends

  • Consulting

  • Case Management

  • Compliance

  • Training

  • Insider Threats

  • Mobile Security

  • Patching

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