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Alphfinity® was founded in 2013; it is a woman owned small business. We are WMBE/DBE certified firm in the states of Maryland, California and New York.

Alphfinity was established with a simple philosophy; IT solutions from inception of an idea - Alpha stage through to successful implementation of products and services through iterations and incremental solutions delivery.  Over the years we have worked on solutions deployments that are scalable, repeatable and adaptable to all of our customers’ business needs. The Alphfinity Solution Deployment Strategy (ASDS) is formulated through various experiences of the founding partners that have been gathered from working at various multinational corporations, investment banks, healthcare industry and government agencies in the United Kingdom, India and the United States.

Valued Customers:

Alphfinity strives to provide timely, efficient and cost effective solutions to all our customers. Our solutions are specifically tailored to suit each client’s unique needs.

Our diverse experience includes working with:

  • For Profit Organizations

  • Non - Profit Organizations

  • State and Local Governments

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