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Project Management

Alphfinity has been providing process improvement, project management, technical writing, architectural assessments, and business process re-engineering services since our inception in 2013. Alphfinity employs strategic planning and a vision which aligns project goals and objectives with the long-term goals of the customer. We have championed the use of Project Management Methodologies as per PMI Standards, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) as well as the Lean Six Sigma.  We deploy our solution based upon these standardized methodologies by carefully focusing on Highest Value first. Our proposed solution is a wholesome mix of effective and efficient Project Management overview, with a crisp technical walk-through.

We offer Program Management Office (PMO) expertise to mitigate risk, introduce and sustain process, and improve performance and efficiency for our customers. We ensure that deliverables are fully documented, reviewed, and presented in a way that ensures clarity, readability, and thoroughness.

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